Thursday, June 26, 2008

One Way Magnetic Shielding - The Holy Grail

Holy Maloney - this is great...

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Anonymous said...

This video has been reposted under the same title at YouTube.

E X T R E M E -- W A R N I N G
There are people out there who have the power to make Google/YouTube, "SUSPEND" accounts on YouTube in the name of the suppression of scientific information.

On October 19, 2008 someone made sure that all of my research videos were removed from YouTube. I have since contacted YouTube/Google and no one to date has given me an answer.

Someone out there does not want me to share with you what I know about how you could make a friction free, electric generator that requires no lubrication or external fuel run.

It could give you all the power you need for for hundreds of years to come, running non stop.

It would revolutionize the automobile to ships and trains, and yes, even silently power submarines with the greatest of ease, making nuclear energy a thing of the past.

If their was no truth to my work, there would be no reason to remove my research from YouTube and suspend my account. Obviously someone follows researchers like myself, all in the name of keeping big oil companies alive and well. Whoever they are, they have Google/YouTube under their thumb.

Soon I will repost videos showing you some really productive ways you can play with magnets.

COPYRIGHTS: Please copy and repost my videos freely. If you do not know how to download videos on YouTube so you can watch them later, than I strongly advise you to learn fast. No doubt that before you know it, YouTube/Google will suspend this account once "they" see my research videos are up on YouTube once again. Go figure.

So copy my videos right away and repost them, before they are gone yet again!!

With that said, consider yourself warned as there are those out there who do not want you, or I, to show others how this could be possible. To make your own electricity using just magnets and no external fuel source.

Blueprints found here.