Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ghostbusting UK Peterlee

CIVIC bosses paid for a ghostbuster to carry out an exorcism after terrified tenants appealed for help after some spooky goings-on in their home.
District of Easington Council paid £60 towards the psychic's fee after the a frightened family complained about banging from the loft, items flying across rooms and doors slamming in their faces.

Mum Sabrina Fallon called in ghostbuster Suzanne Hadwin after hearing the council would pay half of the £120 bill towards exorcising the house in Basingstoke Road, Peterlee.

While the decision to used taxpayers' money has been criticised, Sabrina, 23, who has lived in the house since June with husband Martin, 24, and daughters Shannon, nine, and 16-month old Amie, says they now love their home and have had no further trouble.

She added: "It's not a waste of money because the council were in there and witnessed what happened.

"It was like ice even with the heating on, it was dull no matter how bright the lights were and there was a horrid smell.

"It was like living in a mortuary."

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Gandalf The Imaginary said...

I’ve got fairies at the end of my garden, the council won’t help me get rid of them. They just leave packets of condoms for them.