Friday, January 11, 2008

20th Century Holy Roman Empire

20th Century Roman Empire

A good question to ask oneself when contemplating secret teachings and historic fact relevant to the modern world is to ask is why when there is so much evidence to the contrary are we so frequently misled through culture and education.

Astrotheology seems to be one major misrepresentation as does the Holy Roman Empire.

Maybe the last of the Roman Empire was at the turn of the dark ages (476 to 1000 AD), maybe the renaissance (14th-17th centuries) or could in fact the Holy Roman Empire have gone as far the 20th Century and still be with us?

If we were as bold as to say that they were with us coming up to and influencing the events of World War 2 you may blink! If their H.Q. was burnt down as a sacrifice for false flag terrorism you may blink twice.

Alex Jones certainly feels that the Reichstag was burn down as a false Flag event giving an excuse for the National Socialist Party (NAZI) to fight the war on terror and take liberties away from it’s citizens through a Fatherland Security.

The Reichstag building in Berlin was constructed to house the Reichstag, the original parliament of the German Empire. It was opened in 1894 and housed the Reichstag until 1933, when it was allegedly burned down by a Dutch communist who was later beheaded for the crime, although it might have been the Nazi Party who committed the crime in an attempt to flush out Communism.

The Reichstag was the legislative body of the Holy Roman Empire.

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