Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Britains Land Owners

Has 'Family Land' ownership in Britain changed much over the last 200 years?

Is it true 'in the 21st century, 0.6 per cent of the British people own 69 per cent of the land on which we live.'

This democracy is in fact an elite ownership cartel, as George Carlin would say, 'it's a club and you and I 'aint in it.'

Redistribution is even more desperately needed in Scotland where 103 people own 30 per cent of the land.

And as always the ironic side.

'multi-billionaire Duke of Westminster - who has done nothing to earn his wealth - is entitled to £9.2m in subsidies each year from you, the taxpayer. Kevin Cahill, the author of an award-winning book on land ownership in Britain, explains: "Money is being taken out of your pocket to enhance the assets of the rich, who, in their role as landowners, pay no tax. This is a massive scandal." Yesterday, Tony Blair was talking about weaning poor people in Britain off disability benefit. How about taking the land-owning aristocracy off welfare before we start turning on poor people desperate for their extra £50 a week?

£50 a week or £9.2m a year - hrmm.

If anyone can find the family names we at secret teaching would be most grateful.

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