Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Biblical Contradictions

Written by Dan Barker
This particular list was taken from an extract from Losing Faith In Faith: From Preacher to Atheist

Should we kill?
Should we tell lies?
Should we steal?
Shall we keep the sabbath?
Shall we make graven images?
Are we saved through works?
Should good works be seen?
Should we own slaves?
Does God change his mind?
Are we punished for our parents' sins?
Is God good or evil?
Does God tempt people?
Is God peaceable?
Was Jesus peaceable?
Was Jesus trustworthy?
Has anyone seen God?
How many Gods are there?
Are we all sinners?
How old was Ahaziah?
When was Jesus crucified?
Shall we obey the law?
How many animals on the ark?
Were women and men created equal?
Were trees created before humans?
Did Michal have children?
How many stalls did Solomon have?
Did Paul's men hear a voice?
Is God omnipotent?
Does God live in light?
Does God accept human sacrifice?
Who was Joseph's father?

Great questions and some great answers - use the link provided.

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