Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Britain Reinvented Slavery - Coolies

Shipped under agreements they could neither read or understand, the slaves were moved by the British Government.

indentured migration saw Indians moved throughout the planet.

In the 1830’s the Empire was growing tea, coffee, cotton and sugar and became prosperous, the raw materials of industry was slave labour. Then it changed placing an economic system at the fore, with Indians filling the gap with indentured labour a.k.a. slavery. This gave the Indian Non-freeman status.

John Gladstone father of future Prime Minister received a reply regarding some peoples who were ‘ignorant natives‘. In 1834, Calcutta, 400 Indians would take a vast journey to the sugar plantations of Guiana in South America - they were called the ‘Coolies’ after the Anglo-Indian word for Manual Labour.

Well over half a Million Indians were transported to the Caribbean between 1838 and 1917.

Coolies: How Britain Reinvented Slavery traces family stories through epic voyages across South America, the South Pacific and Africa, as descendants investigate their past and trace the last surviving witnesses.

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