Monday, January 14, 2008

Fabian Society - Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

We do too much research here at the Secret Teachings - and sometimes a real gem that tells the whole story comes along. This pic is of the Fabian Society. You just gotta laugh.

The Fabians took their name from Quintus Fabius Maximus, the Roman general who defeated Hannibal in the Second Punic War by refusing to fight large set-piece battles (which the Romans had lost against Hannibal), but only engaging in small actions he knew he could win, no matter how long he had to wait.

Founded the year of Marx's death to promote his ideas through gradualism, the Fabian Society sought to "honeycomb" society, as Fabian Margaret Cole put it, with disguised socialist measures. By glossing over its goals, the Fabian Society hoped to avoid galvanizing the enemies of socialism.

The Fabian stained glass window, now installed at Beatrice Webb House in Surrey, England, shows George Bernard Shaw and Sidney Webb reshaping the world on an anvil, with the Fabian coat of arms in the background: a wolf in sheep's clothing.

How stupid are they!!! They have a plan to secretively change the world and their motto kind of makes it too easy to solve and too difficult to carry out, or are they wiley and double bluffing us. lol.

Look at any Royal Coat of Arms and then you'll have an indulgence of historic theosophy, ideology and familiar ties.

Try this one.

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Anonymous said...

Get this one; At any one time in Westminster there are 200 Fabians at work!
Although most are within the cabinet infiltration some many years ago has made sure whatever party you vote in Fabian ideas will be pushed upon the public.
Across the Western world Fabians burrow away at democracy as we see in OZ New Zealand and behind Bush Fabians are there to do their gradualism schemes.
Not so crazy after all!!
Aussie PM Judd a Fabian.