Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Greg Palast - 2008 election stolen

Greg Palast and RFK in NYC- MayDay 2007

Carl Rove - does not like Greg Palast we think. Greg has been looking into Carl Rove and the firing of US prosecutors.

CNN Exit Polls show Kerry won beating George Bush yet with the issues of residual, rejected or spoilt votes it’s unclear. Blacks, Hispanic or Native American votes are more likely to be rejected for any reason up to the tune of 500% - 2000%, up to 20 times more probable.

Ohio - 153 237 disappeared votes.
New Mexico - 30 000 not counted.
US 3 600 380 votes not counted.

The story becomes clear from these facts Greg shows some insider workings on how Carl Rove was and is implicated. He also states the 2008 election has already been stolen. Carl Rove emailed the wrong person with the wrong documents.

Check out the caging lists that seem to affect the ability of a vote to count, not good for a democratic republic.

Also 1000's of people voting from the same address using the postal voting system. Naval Air Station Jacksonville is mentioned a few times.

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