Saturday, January 12, 2008

Tom Bearden - Free Energy

Tom Bearden seems to know a fair bit about 'overunity' - more commonly called 'free energy'. His relationship with John Bedini taught him much. John seems to have been a massive influence in this not so modern field with maverick intuition and insight. Tom knows the physics and interprets John's work with sublime understanding.

"Eerily, every electrical circuit and every electrical load is - and has always been - powered by EM energy extracted directly from the vacuum.......

"Broken symmetry in the fierce exchange between the active vacuum and the system
powers every system they build. And not a single professor or university teaches that,
nor does it appear in a single textbook......

"All the coal, oil, natural gas, etc. ever burned, and all the nuclear fuel rods ever used, and all the hydroelectric dams ever built, have directly added

not one single watt

to the power line. Not one!"

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