Friday, January 4, 2008

‘911 Quantum Physicists for Truth’ prove Parallel Universe theory true.

‘911 Quantum Physicists for Truth’ prove Parallel Universe theory true.

After 6 years of extensive research ‘911 Quantum Physicists for Truth’ have not only proven that Parallel Universes do exist, they have also given the only sure fire fool proof reasoning behind the anomalies surrounding the attacks of September 11th 2001.

People are always asking how could 2 planes bring down 3 buildings in the World Trade Center? Why there was no Plane wreckage of note at the Pentagon or marks on the lawn? Why no Black Boxes have been retrieved from any of the planes? Why only a hole was seen in the ground at Shanksville? Why no manifest of the flights has been offered?

Why? Why? Why? - Here’s why and once and for all the journalists at Secret-Teachings blog wish to put an end to the 911 conspiracies.

‘It seems to us at the ‘Parallel Universe Quantum Collider’ P.U.Q.C. that with so many why’s we may inadvertently be to blame though our September 11th 2001 experiment. Clearly like most physicists such as those at ‘Popular Mechanics’ we are completely out of touch with reality and have only recently been made aware of the events of this fateful day.’ Yuan Moons says.

‘Our experiment created its own universe through high energy physics drawn out on the back of a cigarette packet at the ‘Dog and Duck’ on a Friday evening after 8 pints of the Landlords finest. This additional universe lasted for only one day from roughly 9 in the morning to 5:30 in the evening, ‘and we thought it was a complete failure’. In our draft we set out to create a ‘bogey man’ to take the blame if it went wrong – a kind of ghostly terrorist that would never be caught.

When the planes hit the ‘World Trade Centre’ there was an additional energy burst, as there was at the Pentagon and Shanksville and our experimental ‘P.U.Q.C.’ must have picked up on this energy created an umbilical cord between the Universes and taken the Planes and titanium black boxes away into our made-up universe.’

FOX News Corp. and the BBC didn’t comment ‘this evidence must be the explanation for the reporting of the many of the alleged terrorist still being alive and the lack of facts or conviction for this terrorist atrocity’.

Off record the team have also confessed to using the machine in the past. On one occasion they claim to have somehow tapped into the ‘Banking System’ and found $2.3 Trillion dollars in their bank accounts, this money seems to have come from the Pentagon. Dov Zakheim, Larry Silverstein and other well spoken of targets for the 911 conspiracy theory nuts unofficially didn’t say ‘thanks – this clears everything up.’

The ‘911 Quantum Physicists for Truth’ movement have made a formal apology to nobody and have not promised when they do this experiment again - to let the mass media know - so they can still fabricate stories until we are prepared to elucidate the world to our own wisdom’.

It seems the scientists also have explanations for other ‘False Flag Terrorist’ events but at present they are keeping it quiet.

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CrazedLeper said...

Alas, truth is not for the masses, that's why lies continue to exist. BTW, you got a typo (manifesto->manifest)