Sunday, January 13, 2008

Brian Haw Assaulted and Arrested

We don't have too many 'freedom fighters' in the U.K. maybe because we aren't aware of any guidelines to live by. Yet after last years Channel 4 awards Brian Haw seems to stand high.

So how is the 'Most Inspiring Political Figure Award' winner treated by our boys in Blue this year so far?

The photo tells it all, no compassion allowed in the U.K. while we're at war.

'during the freedom to protest assembly this afternoon, brian haw (who was peacefully filming events in whitehall) was violently attacked by a territorial support group policeman who lashed out at him, smashing his camera into his face and causing a deep cut. police then arrested brian for an unspecified public order offence and further assaulted him in a police van.'

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Anonymous said...

sadly, yjis is the kind of disgraceful incident that will increasingly occur in Britain and other so-called democratic countries in which incompetence and arrogance in government lead to public apathy and inertia as long as there are things to buy in the shops and people can rely on credit.