Saturday, January 5, 2008

UK missing children - James Casbolt MI6

Who needs science fiction when stories like this pop up in real life. To illustrate the point Secret-Teachings have listed a few of the issues James discusses in his 40 minutes on air.

25,000 children missing every year in the U.K.
N.S.A. act 1947 - many sovereignties handed to America.
Underground Bases by Westminster.
Mind Control.
The Eagle representing the 'Tribe of Dan'.
Bio Warfare.
Bio Engineering.
E.L.F. attacking the Human Chakra's.
Super Soldiers.
Proteous Syndrome.
Misformed and mutilated Bodies found at the 'New Forest.
MI6 and the CIA have cornered the $Trillion global drugs trade.
And Of couse Extra Terrestrials.

Project Oaktree.
Project Bluebeam.
Project Manequin.

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