Sunday, January 6, 2008

Bill Cooper - Secret Teachings

One of the gods of secret teachings is Milton William Cooper (Bill Cooper). His Mystery Babylon Audio files went out on air through shortwave in 1993-1994 on his show The Hour of the Time.

The vast range of topics covered are listed below and 'secret teachings' will be covering them in the future.

Dawn of man.
Egyptian Magic.
Isis and Osiris.
New World Order.
Ecumenism Roman Roots of Vatican and Pagan Catholicism.
The Assassins.
Knights Templars and the Assassins.
The End of the Templars.
Scull and Bones.
Quotes from Key Freemasons.
Sun Worship.
Lucifer Worship.
Fundamental Laws.
William Morgan Interview.
Jordan Maxwell Interview.
Americas Assignment.
The Coming Conflict.
The Godmakers.
The U.N. Meditation Room.
Ice – The ultimate disaster.
Humanist Police.
Secret Government.
Secret Societies and the Vatican.
Christianity to Babylon.
Rose Cross.
Occult History of the Third Reich.
The Third Reich – The Enigma of the Swastica.
The Third Reich – SS Blood and Soil.
Himmler – Racial Hygeine.
Occult History of the Third Reich - Himmler Mystic.
Occult History of the Third Reich.
SS Blood and Soil.

This Youtube video 'William Cooper & his Death' shows the story of the man behind the airwaves.

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