Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Vote Fraud - Ron Paul 4th

Machine vs Hand Counts

Ron Paul lost 2%+, whereas Giuliani got a 0.5% boost, stealing 4th from Ron Paul. You can also see that Mitt Romney really didn’t have 31%, but something closer to 25%, a throw of 6% in his favor.

Nothing is ever as simple as it seems and we bet our bottom dollar the mainstream news will not be reporting these discrepancies.

Paul won 9% of the hand votes with Giuliani attaining only 8%.

The Voter News Service is an impressive system, in previous elections it has been argued they 'announced the winner exactly one minute after the caucuses had opened and clearly before even one vote had been cast! VNS employees are either prophets, or the whole process smells like the anchovies on last week's pizza.'

A couple of quotes from Joseph Stalin will illustrate how power corrupts.

'People that vote decide nothing, people who count the votes decide everything.'
'I don't care who votes, so long as I get to count them.'

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