Monday, January 28, 2008

Vote Fraud UK

We hadn't intended to end the month with voter fraud issues however... It's prominent in the US and youtube videos are showing an argument for the need for a proper secure holding and recount. Thanks to those at Blackboxvoting and here's our side of the ponds view from The Council of Europe. Voting open to 'childishly simple' fraud, says watchdog.

We at Secret Teachings aren't that concerned because the UK won't have a parliament if the EU succeed in their endeavors.

Reforms to the postal voting rules introduced by Labour have made electoral fraud in Britain "childishly simple", a European human rights watchdog said today.

The Council of Europe claimed the British voting system was now open to fraud and the system "makes it extremely easy to add bogus characters to the voters' lists".

The council said steps taken to tighten up the system after a postal voting scandal in Birmingham in 2004 had failed to close the serious loopholes.


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