Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Hammurabi's Code

The dawn of Western Civilization began around 6000 years ago with the cultivation of the lands along the shores of the River Euphrates. With this new found agricultural knowledge a population boom was inevitable and so were power struggles for the newly farmed lands. Control of Laws and the Mind had to be invented for any Ruler to leave a lasting mark on society, and this where Hammurabi becomes relevant in todays society.

He referred to himself as Abraham and created the concept of an omnipotent / omnipresent god - and the symbol of this was the all seeing eye (eye of Horus) on top of a pyramid. This symbol can be seen today on the $1 dollar note and the modern religions are called the Abrahamic religions.

The concepts of Hammurabi's laws and this secret wisdom can be seen to be the beginnings of freemasonry and the seal can be seen as the symbol of the illuminati.

Click on Hammurabi's code for full details of the laws.


Hammurabi's Code
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Please... can you post about this symble "$" ... I am fiding for the meaning of this...
I´ve found about a history of an ancient arabian people which has started use this symble, but about dollar this "$" has an another meaning...