Friday, January 4, 2008

We have to stop this 'Terrorism' lol

A couple have been branded 'Terrorists' for taking photos of their grandchildren in a shopping center in Fareham, Hants.

Has the world gone mad or has the security industry's mentality gone AWOL, the latter it seems if this Daily mail article is to be considered. Terrorism is using fear to create change.

The real terrorists here are not the accused unless there is a hidden part within this story. One can only laugh at the debacle. Given that shopping centers are not public but private land and frequently in the middle of our towns and cities it seems one to watch for the future. If this continues we should be aware that public land is being taken away from us and heavy fisted tactics are not helping to create a more adjusted society. I truly feel sorry for any 'jobs worth' who is obliged to enforce these draconian ideals.

These anti-terrorism laws are a balancing act that seems to be steadily falling of the rails.

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