Thursday, January 3, 2008

English too stupid to be slaves - Cicero

Presentation by Prof. Tony Martin.

What we can learn from our history is so important - we really must not make the mistakes of the past and this post really does require an awareness of future possibilities. Our combined positive future. The presentation covers the African slave trade and I take my hat off to Prof. Martin for gathering and presenting this knowledge.

This shows us how the past may be hidden in plane sight in our religious texts.

Curse of Ham
Hametic Myth
Chattel Slavery

The word 'Chattel' is apparently synonymous with cattle.

It even seems that the Robinson Crusoe story is an Allegory for this slave trade.

Secret Teachings is a blog that wishes to show no fear in it's posts as knowledge is neither good or bad - it just is. Let's be wise and make sure Prof. Martin's efforts and bravery in even discussing the Jewish involvement in the slave trade can make for a better future for us all through understanding.

It seems that the history we have behind us is one of the past and that we have had an inhumane history.

I wonder if the Hammurabi code has anything to do with this presentation? If the word Ham is related to the Hamitic code and the word priest is related to the Chattel slavery.

This is in the past folks so lets learn from our mistakes and keep moving and pushing always for justice and human rights and responsibilities.

Do not miss this presentation - it is truly amazing.

Oh - he also mentions that 'Black Gold' is a reference to this slave trade.

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